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Friday, November 19, 2010

US Syndicate Inc, USA

GNNIC is pleased to announce its strategic collaboration with two  international companies:

US Syndicate Inc.
475 N Perkins Ferry Rd Suite #14
Lake Charles, Louisiana 70611 USA
Work Phone:     +1 337 905 3000
+1 337 905 3001
Fax:     +1 337 905 2200
Web site:

(A Global Sourcing and Asset Management Company)

M.L.H Building Material CO.,Ltd 

Head Office (China )                                                                    

Sophia Zhang    

Add.: NO.208, Xiaxi Building Nanhai District, Foshan, Guangdong, 528000 ChinaMobile:0086-133 7848 9876                                                                                                               
tel:0086-757-8123 9626     
fax:0086-757-8639 9982 

( We special supply the roof material to all over the world. And our clients come from European , South America, Asia, Africa and other area) 


For both companies contact their official Marketing/Lobbying Consultant for Asian Region:

Saeed Khan Abbasi
Skype:           gnnic1
MSN: gnnic

Friday, October 15, 2010

Lobbying Services

                         Introducing First Time in Pakistan:   
                  Modern, Globally Competitive and Effective
                                Lobbying Services   

Socio-Economic, B2B and Trade Analyst, Lobbying, Image building   and Media expert Saeed Khan Abbasi is introducing modern and global standard based unique Lobbying services first time in Pakistan.
These services are for individuals, companies, organizations, groups, departments etc from private and public sectors
These lobbying and image building services through effective campaigning and skills are unbeatable

Salient Features: 

@ Enabling your access where it is impossible or difficult in normal course of affairs. 

@ Introducing your product, services, organisation etc to million of local and international communities 

@ Ensuring your effective round the clock presence on popular online Social Media Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, MSN, youtube, blogs and etc 

@ Ensuring soft corner for you among either of your desired business, trade, economy, political, government regulatory, diplomatic and community circles 

@ Consulting maximum and effective image building for you where you desire for that 

@ Campaign consultancy for business, trade, political, community and diplomatic purpose particularly for non-political or political election events 

@ Lobbying to create an effective legislative strategy in your favour
         And all this at very afford able low cost, no other offers

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Contact the GNNIC


Ghazala Naseem National Initiatives Campaign (GNNIC) National Income Tax Number (NTN): 2777659-0 Karachi, Pakistan Cell/mobile: 0346-2492867, 0333-2124418 ( for dialing from out side Pakistan add 0092 before cell number and skip o) E-mail: , , Facebook:  MSN: gnnic  Skype: gnnic1

Brand Pakistan Blogging

Brand Pakistan Blogging  
 Modern B2B Networking through Blogging Techniques 

Brand Pakistan Blogging is a B2B (Business to Business) networking initiative of Socio-economic development; Lobbying and Image Building Consultancy project of Saeed Khan Abbasi with his team members.

Brand Pakistan Blogging is powered by a Technology Initiative; enabling a modern, innovative, cost-effective and global business/trade networking solutions through blogging techniques. Therefore we are providing opportunities for Pakistani business and trade brands to avail this modern and cost effective corporate tool for business promotion and market access.

Brand Pakistan Blogging is offering an ample opportunity for Pakistani brands, organisations particularly for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) sector related brands, companies, exporters and importers to showcase their products or services not only to their domestic clientele but also to the global community.

Brand Pakistan Blogging is a modern, cost-effective and image building tool at very affordable price. Brand Pakistan Blogging does not provide only showcasing and online promotional services but it offers a wide range of state-of-the-art e-Commerce technology based cutting edge solutions.

Our Services:

@ Business networking

@ Business Marketing & Lead Generation

@ Business Proposals

@ Business Negotiations                                                               

@ Business Contracts

@ Collaborative Workspace

@ Invoices and Payment Management


@ Reputation Management

Salient Features:

  • Global showcase for your products and services
  • Easy and effective market access
  • Connecting with worldwide business and trade circles
  • Saving your time, money and marketing efforts
  • Reducing your marketing budget
  • Reliable and potentially real customer/client searching
  • Free blog for your brand, enabling you round the clock global presence
  • Lifetime B2B (Business to Business) networking
  • Adding modern e-commerce tools to your brand
  • SME sector friendly

And many other on-demand business services at amazingly affordable price

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Services by the GNNIC

                          B2B (Business to Business) Networking 

                                                   Trade Development 

                        Socio-economic Development

                                           Socio-economic Initiatives 


                                                             Image Building 

                           Media Consultancy (Print and Electronic) 

About the Chief Executive/Proprietor

Saeed Khan Abbasi is B2B Networking, Lobbying, Image Building, Socio-economic Initiatives Management, Trade Development and Media Consultancy Expert from Pakistan (South-Asia). He is offering his unique services through Ghazala Naseem National Initiatives Campaign (GNNIC) project with its National Income Tax Number (NTN): 2777659-0

Monday, April 19, 2010

Brand Pakistan Blog :A GNNIC Technology Initiative

In the wake of on-going domestic and global e-commerce development, this blog Brand Pakistan has been launched to provide a platform to top brands in Pakistan to showcase their products to millions of online users surfing around the world.

Brand Pakistan is actually an initiative of Ghazala Naseem National Initiatives Campaign (GNNIC) consultancy project that is committed to provide modern solution providing tools for Socio-economic development mostly through the e-Commerce based online techniques. This blog is based on GNNIC Technology Initiatives product; enabling a modern, innovative, cost-effective and global networking based solutions in a single click way.

Brand Pakistan is an ample opportunity for all leading or small brands, exporters and small business entrepreneurs to have round the clock access to domestic and international markets without consuming any extra time and money other than your usual course of business plans. This is because we make your domestic and international presence not only on this blog but also on the most powerful social media networks of the world like facebook and twitter.

This blog would also provide an in-depth insight on the contemporary branding world besides the future branding possibilities.

I hop that you would join our hands in showcasing Pakistani brands to the world community to boost our local Pakistani products and services. Scale is not a matter here as you may have your space with us whether you are a leading brand or a just growing one; we welcome you here with our modern e-branding solutions.

Following Advantages of this B2B Brand Blog:  

1 - Quick and Easy Tool to Promote Your Brand
2 - Inexpensive Setup
3 - Provides Easy Access to Domestic & Global Market Place
4 - Search Engine Friendly
5 - Appear Accessible
6 - Brand Awareness
7 - Relationship Building with online Business Community
8 - Gain an Insight into Your Customers
9 - Reduce Calls and Emails               

Other facilities:

@ International recognition and branding level on popular Social Media Networks like facebook twitter and etc.

@ Your business networking with potential customers, buyers etc

@ Lead generation for your business on special request

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Gnnic Slides

Check out this SlideShare Presentation:

Friday, February 19, 2010

Launching Unique Socio-economic Development Products:

Our project Ghazala Naseem National Initiatives Campaign (GNNIC) has reached another milestone by introducing 12 new and unique socio-economic consultancy products. These products; actually our consultancy tools, are based with GNNIC’s policy proposals, image building and lobbying services, intended for socio-economic development in Pakistan.

Virtually designed by the modern technology-oriented team of our strategic partner organization 360 BPO Solutions ( ), it revolves around providing global standard of consultancy on national initiatives for socio-economic development. These products are effective for adopting result-oriented initiatives in Energy, Food Security, Health, Education, Technology and Women Entrepreneurship sectors of Pakistan.

GNNIC is offering these products both for the public (governmental) and private sectors as well as for international stakeholders like the United Nations Organization (UNO), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank etc to help in socio-economic development of country according to Pakistan’s own environment and requirements.

On the other hand, these products will work as effective and comprehensive image building and lobbying services tools for public and private sectors.

Simply by adopting or purchasing one of these products, you will be advised to work within those proposals given through that specific product tool for your benefit. In other words through these products we will be showcasing you to an extensive target market place in Pakistan and all over the world.

International standard, quality, financial benefits, transparency and effectiveness are salient features of our products, so you must be sure that: YOUR TARGET IS OUR INITIATIVE, therefore we work on behalf of you.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Working on the World Bank & IMF Structures

Ghazala Naseem National Initiatives Campaign (GNNIC) is working on the recent mission based working structures of both the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in the wake of on going global economic and financial affairs. GNNIC would seek a possible and positive broad based international initiatives system for socio-economic development in Pakistan with the help of World Bank and IMF.