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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Offering Modern Solution Providing Tools for Socio-Economic Development

Now First Time in Pakistan

@ Don’t keep room for out of order conventional practices

@ Say Welcome to the modern solution technology & tools

@ Showcase yourself/company/product/service etc to International world as well as to Pakistani Community, and explain how you would benefit society through that

@ Be part of our national initiatives for socio-economic development through international affiliation

Register/Enlist now and avail:

@ Life time lobbying/image building consultancy with global exposure for our required specific field of business/service at very reasonable cost

@ Prove that you are one of those companies/service providers/professionals etc who are participating in socio-economic development in Pakistan

@ We would enable you to show your competence for enabling the society with modern solution tools

@ Boost your business while serving Pakistan from your end

@ Be the part of our global and domestic database of different categories like food security, energy, education, health, economic stability, financial services, poverty reduction, and women entrepreneurship

@ Have a great interaction with governments, corporate, social and economic sectors, particularly with GNNIC’s global online community

A Complete Pakistan-oriented Company with Global Competence

GNNIC’s Initiatives: GNNIC’s Technology Initiative

GNNIC’s Technology Initiative

Technology for development is the theme of this initiative to enhance the overall capacity of nation towards the goal of technological advanced nation

GNNIC’s Initiatives: GNNIC’s Education Initiative

GNNIC’s Education Initiative

GNNIC’s dedicated move towards enabling Pakistan with a successful and international quality education based system for all Pakistanis

GNNIC’s Initiatives: GNNIC’s Health Initiative

GNNIC’s Health Initiative

A healthy and energetic Pakistani society with all benefits of internationally standardized health care facilities at very affordable cost is the aim of this initiative

GNNIC’s Initiatives:GNNIC’s Food Security Initiative

GNNIC’s Food Security Initiative

A drive to find secure healthy and benefiting food producing, consuming and security system in Pakistan

GNNIC’s Initiatives: GNNIC’s Energy Initiative

GNNIC’s Energy Initiative

To find rapid, modern and effective solution for Pakistan’s energy development, so that under any circumstances the food crisis would be averted in the country

GNNIC’s National Campaign

GNNIC’s National Campaign involves federal, provincial and local governments including public representatives, civil, political and corporate circles and media as well as Overseas Pakistanis living abroad, to brief them how to get involved for a collective move to solve our major socio-economic issues. An expanded database structure of our strategic partners and these circles would result into a unique long lasting strategy to utilise the modern solution providing tools for socio-economic development.

What we do is very easy to understand:

We will ask you that how you can benefit Pakistani society through your normal course of professional business/ product/service etc? And then we would showcase that to Pakistan and international community.

GGNIC has Capacity & Profesionalism

@ GNNIC has the capacity for providing turn key modern solution tools for socio-economic development through national and international joint ventures categorized by an expanded database.

@ We work closely with reputed local and global organisations, people, governments, corporate sector etc in order to provide the maximum benefits.

@ We at GNNIC believe that Pakistani society has potential and diversification to turn into the most fertile and technological-oriented nation among the world community, therefore GNNIC is aiming at exploring and polishing that specific hidden quality.

@ GNNIC’s professional approach with modern socio-economic providing solution tools gives it the real meaning of “A Total Pakistani Company with Global Competence”.

@ GNNIC’s local and international partnership program enhances the capabilities and effectiveness of different worldwide organizations and solution providers to shower their skills and services under one umbrella of the GNNIC. This would enable effective socio-economic management activities both for society and the concerned organisations too.