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Monday, November 30, 2009

William H.Murray: International Development Consultant

William H. Murray,an experienced international executive from San Diego,
California (USA) has joined us as International Development Consultant
at the Ghazala Naseem National Initiatives Campaign(GNNIC). 57 Years
old Mr.William Murray has extensive experience of around 35 years in
management, finance and development sectors.... He has proven track record
of growing failing organizations into high profit operation.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Database Enlisting Offer for the GNNIC’s National Initiatives Campaign.

Ghazala Naseem National Initiatives Campaign (GNNIC) has been launched to help Pakistan in socio-economic stability within global parameters. As part of its national responsibility to help the nation, GNNIC provides a modern socio-economic solution provider platform for international and domestic corporate sector, investors, governments, and people to share in promoting and stabilizing Pakistan’s economy.

GNNIC is the first one of its kind in private sector, which is a total Pakistani Socio-Economic Solution Provider Think-tank with global competence by offering modern solution tools to eradicate problems in Energy, Food Security, Health, Education, Technology and Women Entrepreneurship segments. GNNIC is registered with the Federal Bureau of Revenue (Taxes & Revenue) Government of Pakistan as sole entrepreneurship business consultancy project with National Tax Number (NTN) 2777659-0.

Presently GNNIC is introducing its unique and effective umbrella tool in terms of a National Initiatives Campaign to involve Pakistani stakeholders and international community to sponsor energy, food security, health, education, technology and women entrepreneurship sectors for socio-economic development, thereby benefiting our society through state-of-the-art technologies and solution tools. On the other hand, the government would feel an ease and partnership facility through our drive in combating socio- economic problems.

GNNIC has launched the said National Initiatives Campaign for socio-economic development from Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad with its main office in Karachi and Representative Office in Lahore. Through the said campaign the President of Pakistan, Prime Minister, all four Chief Ministers, federal and provincial ministries and government circles besides non-government corporate sector particularly respective chambers of commerce and international community besides your organization are being approached to ensure their participation under our umbrella tool the National Initiatives Campaign for socio-economic development.

GNNIC will provide modern solution providing consultancy of international format to concerned stakeholders in this regard. Sustainable socio-economic development through poverty reduction and technological revolution is the basic theme of the said campaign. Besides that a nation wide awareness and presentation campaign has been launched through the media, personal meet ups and presentation session at national and international levels.

As the above mentioned sectors are those areas where GNNIC is offering services for socio-economic development, therefore we are establishing a broad based database of local and international stakeholders to work on energy, food security, health, education, technology and women entrepreneurship related projects.

You are requested to ensure the immediate enlisting of your organisation/company etc as Socio-economic Development Stakeholder of Pakistani economy for the said project, by declaring your organisation’s National Initiatives for Socio-economic Development.

You are also advised to explain that presently how your business activities are benefiting the national or regional economy and what more do you intend to offer or achieve in this regard. We would definitely help you by launching a strong nationwide and global lobbying/image building plan in your favour within our extensive contacts based system of governments, private sector besides international community.

Friday, November 6, 2009

GNNIC Launched Campaign in Lahore: A great Start

Since my arrival in Lahore (Punjab)on 25th of October, there is a great successful start of a national campaign by our project GNNIC. I, along with my dedicated mate Director Public Affairs Mr.Tahir Mahmood Sindhu advocate, am busy in meet ups with different officials, corporate sector personalities and civil society members.

My start with the great land of DATA Saheb (DATA KI Nagri) and the city of historical Pakistan Resolution (23rd March 1940) became icon of success.

Tahir Mahmood Advocate: Director Public Affairs & Operations

Mr.Tahir Mahmood Advocate, a legal expert from Lahore is now Director Public Affairs & Operations besides Head of Punjab Region.

He may be contacted at:

Office No:15, First Floor, Jamshed Plaza, Ichra, Main Feroz Pur Road, Lahore